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The most inevitable fact of life is that it will end one day. Making personal arrangements for this day should be no more unusual than making out a will or buying a life insurance policy.

But somehow it is. And we all recognize this fact. We all resist thinking about such things as funeral arrangements, cemetery plots, and all the endless details that must be attended to when someone you love dies. And the disturbing part is that we are forced to make these decisions about the arrangements often in the midst of deep sorrow and without really knowing what he or she might have really wanted.

One of the most thoughtful things you can do for your family's peace of mind is to make certain that funeral and financial arrangements are made well in advance of the need. This pre-need planning is important for a number of very important reasons:

  • It will be a great comfort to your family to know in advance that all the arrangements are taken care of.
  • It will also serve to spare your family additional concern and anxiety when the inevitable happens.
  • It will give positive assurance that the funeral will represent your personal beliefs or lifestyle.
  • There will be no financial stress for the family because the necessary funds will be available when needed.

To help you achieve these objectives in an organized fashion, the West Virginia Funeral Directors Association has created West Virginia Funeral TrustTM. The Trust is organized and operated under the trust laws of the state. The remainder of this folder details three overall considerations and advantages of participating in the Trust.


There is no more difficult period for a family than that encountered immediately after a death occurs. Family members are under considerable stress. There is a need for them to share in the decisions and concerns regarding the arrangements. There is also a need to come to grips with the actual event taking place.

It is a time for them and others who share in the loss to express their love, respect and grief. It is time to face openly, realistically and with dignity the crisis that death presents.

They will be forever grateful to you for relieving them of any decisions to be made regarding the funeral arrangements. The will be happy in the thought that everything was arranged and fulfilled in accordance with your wishes.


By pre-planning your funeral arrangements, you will have the time to investigate thoroughly the available alternatives, options, anticipated costs, and other considerations so that decisions can be made in advance of any crisis. Advanced planning  ranging from basic pre-recording of personal information to specific arrangements and payment for funeral services  can be spelled out as guidelines for survivors as well as for the Funeral Director who carries out the arrangements at the time of death.

The experience and assistance of a funeral director is essential to the proper planning of a funeral in advance of need. Responsible suggestions based on professional training and experience help survivors cope with the death and grief crises. It is prudent to select a funeral director who will be sensitive to family concerns and responsive to your requests.


Pre-financing your funeral pre-arrangements can be extremely helpful to your survivors, assuring them that funds will be available when needed to offset or completely cover funeral expenses.

Any investment made in a pre-arranged, pre-financed funeral agreement is protected by law.

The basic purpose of the legislation is to protect funds of West Virginia residents who purchase funeral services, and merchandise in advance of need. Because the services and merchandise are to be provided in the future, the consumer's funds are held in trust.

Pre-arrangements with your funeral director will assure you that your payments and deposits are made in a trust account with a participating bank as your trustee. In this way, you know your funds are safe and will grow with regular interest.

When you discuss pre-arrangement and/or pre-financing of funerals with a funeral director, you are under no obligation to make any purchase or commitment. His counsel is a service to you. Whether you pre-finance or simply evaluate your needs on a pre-arranged basis, your funeral director has the professional background, facilities and ability to provide what you request.


Pre-arranging and pre-financing a funeral are important decisions. Carefully review these considerations before finalizing your plans.

  • Anticipate the possible effects on survivors. Always consult the survivors who will be most affected by the death. Give them the opportunity to participate in the planning, not just acting as passive spectators.
  • Approach realistically the logic and economics of planning now what might not take place for many years.
  • Make sure that monies paid in advance of need for funeral services and merchandise are always placed in trust for you.

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